English / Deutsch  -   15/Nov/2014: plopKexec update will be released soon
11/Nov/2014: Plop Linux for Raspberry PI will be released soon
06/Nov/2014: A bugfixed hfsprescue will be released in the next few days

Plop Boot Manager v5.0

The Plop Boot Manager is a small program with unbelievable many features.

Here is a list of features, but you can do more...

  • USB boot without BIOS support (UHCI, OHCI and EHCI)
  • CD/DVD boot without BIOS support (IDE)
  • PCMCIA CardBus support to enable boot from USB PC-Cards
  • Floppy boot
  • Different profiles for operating systems
  • Define up to 16 partitions
  • No extra partition for the boot manager
  • Hidden boot, maybe you have a rescue system installed and the user should not see that there is another system installed
  • Boot countdown
  • Hide partitions
  • Password protection for the computer and the boot manager setup
  • Backup of partition table data
  • Textmode user interface 80x50
  • Graphical user interface 640x480, 800x600, 1024x786, 1280x1024
  • MBR partition table edit
  • Start of the boot manager from harddisk, floppy, USB, CD, DVD
  • Starting from Windows boot menu
  • Starting from LILO, GRUB, Syslinux, Isolinux, Pxelinux (network)
  • It can be used as PCI option ROM in your BIOS
  • Access the whole USB hard disk (up to 2TB) even when the bios has a 128 GiB limit
  • You can run the boot manager over the network
  • Start the network card boot rom from the boot manager to boot from the network

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PlopKexec is a Linux Kernel based boot manager for autodetecting and chainloading Linux distributions from USB. It works even if no Bios USB support is available. It fits on a 1.44MB floppy. Its also possible to start plopKexec from CD or any Linux loader/boot manager.

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