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2015-02-03Plop Linux 4.3.0 released
2015-02-02hfsprescue 1.1 released
2015-01-17PlopKexec 1.0 released
2015-01-12hfsprescue 1.0 released
2014-10-22Armored Eye - 2 new wallpapers released
2014-10-22Plop Linux 4.3.0-test2 released
2014-09-30Plop Linux 4.3.0-test1 released
2014-07-07Release of Tethering - Mobile Hotspot 1.0 (Android)
Enable and disable the Mobile Hotspot with a single button click
2014-04-11Release of Piith Games (Android)
2013-06-13Movie test trailer
2013-04-15Plop Boot Manager 5.0.15-test
2013-01-16PHP Google Sitemap XML Generator 0.2 released
Curl support added
2013-01-01Android App Permission Remover - Full version is available for free
2012-08-29Howto - Create a bootable Windows VISTA, Windows 7 or Windows 8 install USB drive from ISO or DVD with Linux
2012-04-18Plop Linux 4.2.2 released
2012-04-10Plop Linux 4.2.1 released
2012-03-02Permission Remover App 1.3 released
APK signing updated.
Start problem on old devices fixed.
2012-03-01Plop Linux 4.2.0 released
2012-02-13Permission Remover App 1.2 released
Added an info when the app has no permission to write to /sdcard.
The version to buy is online.
2012-02-07Boot manager 5.0.14 released
2012-02-01Permission Remover App 1.1 released
Install/Uninstall option for apps/apks that dont use permissions
2012-02-01PHP Google Sitemap XML Generator 0.1 released
2012-01-26Permission Remover App 1.0 released
for Android
2011-12-23plopKexec 0.3 released
2011-12-14plopKexec 0.2 released
2011-12-06plopKexec 0.1 released
2011-11-27Plop Linux 4.1.3-test2 available
2011-11-25hfsprescue 0.2 released
segfault fix
2011-11-14DLAIN 0.1 Free for Android released
2011-11-09Plop Linux PXE network boot config files and directory structure simplified
2011-10-31Plop Linux 4.1.3-test available
2011-09-16Boot manager 5.0.13 ZIP updated
2011-08-19addoffice.sh 0.1 released
Add LibreOffice / OpenOffice to Plop Linux
2011-08-16opt.sqfs update
libs for the latest flashplayer installed
2011-08-14Boot manager 5.0.13 released
2011-08-09Plop Linux 4.1.2 released
2011-08-03plpbt4win 0.1-test2 released
2011-08-01plpbt4win 0.1-test released
2011-07-30Boot manager 5.0.13-test5 released
2011-07-21Plop Linux 4.1.2-test4 released
2011-04-28Plop Linux 4.1.1 released
2011-04-21Boot manager 5.0.12 released
2011-01-12Boot manager 5.0.11-2 bugfix, 5.0.12-test1 released
2010-11-30HFS+ Rescue tool 0.1 released
2010-11-29Plop VHD Loader 0.1-test released
2010-10-24Plop Linux 4.1.0 released
2010-10-18Boot manager 5.0.11 released
2010-08-29plpbtrom 0.5 released
new: -compress parameter
2010-04-22Plop Linux 4.0.6 released
2010-04-21Boot manager 5.0.9 released
Small INT 13h/8 bugfix
2010-04-19plpevtch 0.5.0-test
New version for the current Xorg sources
2010-04-17plpevtch 0.4.1
SwapAxes added
2010-04-10Plop Linux 4.0.5 released
update: kernel, cvs 1.12.13, fsarchiver 0.6.8, ntfs-3g 2010.3.6AR.4, partclone 0.2.8, parted 2.2, syslinux 3.86, lz utils 4.999.9, dhcp 4.1.1, bind 9.7.0-P1, samba 3.5.2, openssl 1.0.0, openssh 5.4p1, grub2 1.98, useavast script, usefprot script, usb zip file, splash screen

update opt.sqfs: firefox 3.6.3, gparted 0.5.2
2010-03-22Plop Linux 4.0.4 is supported by universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3
2010-03-22Plop Linux 4.0.4 is supported by the Linux Live USB Creator
2010-03-01Plop Linux 4.0.4 released
update: kernel 2.6.33, e2fsprogs 1.41.10, partclone 0.2.0, ndiswrapper 1.56, busybox 1.16

if bootup fails, then busybox is started.

new boot option "busybox" added. if you use it, then busybox starts before the scan for the plop linux files starts.
2010-02-16Plop Linux 4.0.3 released
added: ddrescue 1.11, testdisk photorec 6.11, lzip 1.8, rsync 3.0.6, dbus 1.2.14, netcat 1.10, LVM
update: kernel, usbutils 0.84, fsarchiver 0.6.7, ntfs-3g 2010.1.16AR.1, nmap 5.21, partimage 0.6.8, mutt 1.5.20, groff 1.20.1, findutils 4.4.2

opt.sqfs updated: Xorg 7.5, Gnome 2.28.2, Ogg 1.1.3, Alsa 1.0.17, Mplayer 1.0rc2, GQView 2.0.4, gFTP 2.0.18, gHex 2.22.0, gParted 0.5.1, rdekstop 1.0.6, tsclient 0.148, vncviewer, xchat 2.8.6, Firefox 3.6, Mono 2.6.1, Wine 1.1.38, Fluxbox 1.1.1
2010-01-23Boot manager 5.0.8 released
Extended partition feature
2010-01-0564bit Plop Linux 4.0.2 released
2009-12-22Plop Linux 4.0.2 released
added: ext3grep, dialog, mkswap-uuid, sendEmail, grub2
update: kernel
docu updated for locale settings, perl and welcome text
2009-12-22Boot manager 5.0.6 released
ROM hotkey feature
2009-12-12plpbtrom 0.1 released
Create ISA/PCI option ROM
2009-12-05Plop Linux 4.0.1 released
Software updates
2009-12-05Boot manager 5.0.5 released
2009-11-29Boot manager installer updated
2009-11-11plpcfgbt update
2009-10-05Plop Boot Manager v5.0.4 released
2009-09-30Plop Linux v4.0.0
changed to squashfs 4.0
2009-09-30Plop Linux v3.8.7
kernel update
new boot option force_hd, force_usb, media_reverse_scan
new boot option to set boot device "root=" added
fsarchiver update
2009-09-09Plop Linux v3.8.6
update: kernel log, fsarchiver, ntfs-3g AR
2009-08-11Plop Linux v3.8.4
update: pciutils
new: pciprobe
2009-08-04plpgenbtldr v0.7 released
2009-08-02Plop Linux v3.8.3
update: gparted problem fixed
2009-08-01Plop Linux v3.8.2
update: kernel, openssh, openssl, nmap, copy2ram, lilo, iptables, parted, e2fsprogs
sometimes happens a problem with the shutdown/reboot script. its fixed now.
new: chntpw, reged
new scripts: autostartx, usefluxbox, usegnome, mountopt2
pluspacks: opt.sqfs updated, opt2.sqfs with mono and wine released.
2009-07-18plpgenbtldr v0.6 released
2009-06-25Plop Linux v3.8.1
added: screen, lzma
new: opt.sqfs gnome 2.26.2, gcc, more tools, vnc server, rdesktop, tsclient and more
2009-05-22Plop Linux v3.8.0
update: glibc, busybox, e2fsprogs, nmap
added: perl, chkrootkit
new: opt.sqfs with gcc for development, livecd with gcc
2009-04-04Plop Linux v3.7.19
update: kernel 2.6.29, ntfs-3g, mountopt, syslinux
2009-03-30Plop Linux v3.7.18
update: ntfs-3g
new: opt.sqf with Gnome gparted, ...
2009-03-28Plop Boot Manager v5.0.3 released
2009-03-01Plop Linux v3.7.17
update: kernel, ntfs-3g, e2fsprogs, grub for ext4
new: harddisk installer, vmstat, systat package, fsarchiver, mbuffer, udpcast, multicast, partclone
2009-02-28plpevtch v0.4 released
right click mode and touch filter added
2009-02-23Plop Boot Manager v5.0.2 released
2009-01-20Plop Boot Manager v5.0 - option ROM
Test 1 is available
2009-01-16Plop Linux v3.7.16
kernel update to 2.6.28
ntfs-3g update
boot manager update
btrfs added
2009-01-15Plop Boot Manager v5.0 released
2008-12-20Boot Manager v5.0rc18 released
EHCI driver update
2008-12-18plpgenbtldr 0.5 released
lcn parameter added
2008-12-07plpgenbtldr 0.4 released
2008-11-27plpcfgbt update
2008-11-25Plop Linux v3.7.15
kernel update to 2.6.27-7
squashfs update 3.4
boot manager update
2008-11-24Boot Manager v5.0rc17 released
Updates and new tools
2008-11-10Boot Manager v5.0rc16 released
2 bugfixes
2008-11-03GoblinX Micro for the Flybook v0.2 released
2008-10-24Boot Manager v5.0rc15 released
with a bugfix and a new feature
2008-10-22Boot Manager: plpgenbtldr
plpgenbtldr makes it possible to start the bootmanager with boot.ini from windows
2008-10-12Plop Linux v3.7.14
kernel update to 2.6.27
ntfs-3g update
bash update
script to change font size 8x8 and 8x16
autologin script for tty1
2008-09-23Plop Linux v3.7.13
ntfs-3g update
bootmanager update
2008-09-22GoblinX Micro for the Flybook v0.1 released
2008-09-22Flybook Linux Flybuntu v0.6 a mod of Ubuntu hardy
penmountlpc and plpevtch updated
2008-09-22plpevtch v0.3 released
calibration mode ignores the first 20 events now
2008-09-15Boot Manager v5.0rc14 released
2008-08-28Plop Linux v3.7.12
new release with a lot of updates
doku. how to add software added
2008-08-27Boot Manager v5.0rc13 released
USB drivers update
2008-08-10Flybook Linux Flybuntu a mod of Ubuntu hardy
v0.5 with software updates and penmountlpc for Flybook V5 released.
2008-08-04Flybook Linux Flybuntu a mod of Ubuntu hardy
v0.4 with new xorg touchscreen driver plpevtch released.
First version of the Plop Xorg Touchscreen driver released
2008-07-24Plop Linux v3.7.11
nmap update to 4.68
dosfstools update to 2.11
pimgrestore added
plpgrabbt added
plpwritebt added
hping2 added
wake on lan tools added (ethtool, wol, ether-wake)
bluetooth tools added
2008-07-21pimgrestore v0.3
Extract mbr's from partimage image file
2008-07-15Plop Linux v3.7.10
kernel update to 2.6.26
ntfs-3g update
parted added
removed old captive-ntfs files (6MB of size reduced)
copy2ram copies only the ploplinux directory into ram
2008-07-03Flybook Linux Flybuntu a mod of Ubuntu hardy
v0.3 with easy install from windows released
2008-07-02pimgrestore v0.2
New version with many updates. Multivolumes, gzip compression and more.
Restore partition from Partimage imagefile under Windows. First test version.
2008-06-11Plop Linux v3.7.9
gconv and locale update for filenames with 'umlaute' and ntfs-3g
now we use again terminfo from v3.7.7
2008-06-04Plop Linux v3.7.8
recompiled everything for i386
ntfs tools update
command base64 added
2008-06-01Flybook Linux Flybuntu a mod of Ubuntu hardy
First version released
2008-05-24Plop Linux v3.7.7
Kernel update
ntfs-3g update
USB superfloppy boot added
f-prot.conf added
eject command added
2008-05-21Boot Manager v5.0rc12 released
New USB EHCI driver for USB 2.0
2008-04-22Boot Manager v5.0rc11 released
'boot signature not valid' fixed
2008-04-21Boot Manager v5.0rc10 released
USB driver update
CDROM driver update
new startup feature added
2008-04-03Plop Linux v3.7.6
grub update and grub install problem fixed
2008-04-02Plop Linux v3.7.5
grub update and grub install problem fixed
2008-03-14Plop Linux v3.7.4
xinetd and tftpd added (to act as tftp server)
ntfs-3g update
initrfs.gz update (dhcp discover for more than one networkcard)
2008-03-02Plop Linux v3.7.3
partimage update 0.6.7
boot manager update 5.0rc9
2008-03-02Boot Manager v5.0rc9 released
USB driver update
2008-02-18Plop Linux v3.7.2
ntfs-3g update
Kernel support for /proc/config.gz added
high memory support added
2008-02-17Boot Manager v5.0rc8 released
small update: added a message if init of graphic mode is not possible
2008-01-25Plop Linux v3.7.1
booting from network extended with samba support
Kernel update to 2.6.24
2007-12-30Boot Manager v5.0rc7 released
2007-12-26Plop Linux v3.7.0
booting from network added (PXE, DHCP, TFTP, NFS)
copy2ram function added to remove cd's
usb mount as read-write
memtest added
Kernel update to
Squashfs update to 3.3
Partimage update to 0.6.6

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