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2015-02-03Plop Linux 4.3.0 released
2015-02-02hfsprescue 1.1 released
2015-01-17PlopKexec 1.0 released
2015-01-12hfsprescue 1.0 released
2014-10-22Armored Eye - 2 new wallpapers released
2014-10-22Plop Linux 4.3.0-test2 released
2014-09-30Plop Linux 4.3.0-test1 released
2014-07-07Release of Tethering - Mobile Hotspot 1.0 (Android)
Enable and disable the Mobile Hotspot with a single button click
2014-04-11Release of Piith Games (Android)
2013-06-13Movie test trailer
2013-04-15Plop Boot Manager 5.0.15-test
2013-01-16PHP Google Sitemap XML Generator 0.2 released
Curl support added
2013-01-01Android App Permission Remover - Full version is available for free
2012-08-29Howto - Create a bootable Windows VISTA, Windows 7 or Windows 8 install USB drive from ISO or DVD with Linux
2012-04-18Plop Linux 4.2.2 released
2012-04-10Plop Linux 4.2.1 released
2012-03-02Permission Remover App 1.3 released
APK signing updated.
Start problem on old devices fixed.
2012-03-01Plop Linux 4.2.0 released
2012-02-13Permission Remover App 1.2 released
Added an info when the app has no permission to write to /sdcard.
The version to buy is online.
2012-02-07Boot manager 5.0.14 released
2012-02-01Permission Remover App 1.1 released
Install/Uninstall option for apps/apks that dont use permissions
2012-02-01PHP Google Sitemap XML Generator 0.1 released
2012-01-26Permission Remover App 1.0 released
for Android
2011-12-23plopKexec 0.3 released
2011-12-14plopKexec 0.2 released
2011-12-06plopKexec 0.1 released
2011-11-27Plop Linux 4.1.3-test2 available
2011-11-25hfsprescue 0.2 released
segfault fix
2011-11-14DLAIN 0.1 Free for Android released
2011-11-09Plop Linux PXE network boot config files and directory structure simplified
2011-10-31Plop Linux 4.1.3-test available
2011-09-16Boot manager 5.0.13 ZIP updated
2011-08-19addoffice.sh 0.1 released
Add LibreOffice / OpenOffice to Plop Linux
2011-08-16opt.sqfs update
libs for the latest flashplayer installed
2011-08-14Boot manager 5.0.13 released
2011-08-09Plop Linux 4.1.2 released

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