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Plop Linux 4.3.0 (i486, x86_64, ARM Raspberry Pi) - still working on the new documentation
hfsprescue fix for 32bit systems comes in the next days!

Test release 4.3.0-test2 is available


Plop Linux - Table of Contents

Last update 18/Apr/2012
2.System requirements
6.Create a LiveCD
7.Bootable USB drive
8.Boot from ISO
9.Install to hard disk
10.PAE, memory limits, 4GB, 64GB, 1TB
11.Virus scanner/Antivirus ClamAV, F-PROT, Avast, AVG
12.Backup / restore with Partimage
13.Backup / restore with fsarchiver
14.PXE Boot from network (DHCP, TFTP, NFS, Samba, FTP, HTTP) - Linux server
15.PXE Boot from network (DHCP, TFTP, Network share, FTP, HTTP) - Windows server
16.NAS Server (FTP, NFS, Samba, SSHFS), Media Stream Server, Print Server, Wake On LAN
17.Xorg, Gnome, Fluxbox, gparted and more
18.Example: add Office and create a custom opt.sqfs
19.x64 (64bit) version
20.Language settings
21.Perl modules
22.Welcome text
23.Ext2/3 instead of FAT
24.Splash screen
25.Special commands
26.Boot parameter
27.Support for blind / visually impaired users (brltty, Orca)
28.Developer Version
29.Plop Linux Developer Version as desktop installation
31.FAQ's - Frequently asked questions
32.Test version 4.3.0-test2

The full documentation on a single web page


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