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VHD files are Virtual Hard Disk files used by Microsoft Virtual PC. Details.

The Plop VHD Loader makes it possible to start an operating system from the VHD file without Windows. Only plpvhd.bin is required to load and boot the VHD file. No OS specific startup files (os loader, kernel, ...) have be stored on the real partition. The operating system on the VHD file must be Windows/Linux that is able to run native (without virtual machine) from a VHD file. DOS is able to run without modifications.

The Plop VHD Loader is free for personal and commercial use. See the licence file in the zip file -> plpvhd-0.1-test.zip.

Plop VHD Loader details

The current VHD Loader is a test version. Depending on demand, development will be continued. See the forum entry.

  • It supports fixed hard disk images and dyamic hard disk images.

  • You select the VHD file easily from the listed directory structure with cursor up/down and enter.

  • Size of plpvhd.bin is only 2991 bytes!
  • It supports currently only images on FAT32 partitions.

  • Currently, plpvhd.bin starts only from floppy or CD.

plpvhd.bin is searching for a primary FAT32 partition at startup. When it finds one, then you can navigate through the directory structure and boot a VHD file.



  Booted DOS



Plop VHD Loader 0.1-test 2010/11/15 - plpvhd-0.1-test.zip


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