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Create your own ISO file with your modified plpbt.bin
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plpbt.bin parameters

plpcfgbt - configure plpbt.bin

plpcfgbt-0.11.zip is a tool to configure plpbt.bin. This program is available as source code for Linux and Windows. You start the program from a command shell. If you run the program without parameters then you will see the help information.

Usage: plpcfgbt [OPTIONS] file


 parameter    meaning
 vm           setup video mode
              values: text, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024

 stm          start mode of the boot manager
              values: menu or hidden, hidden requires cnt=on and dbt not off

 cnt          activate countdown, values: on or off

 cntval       countdown in seconds between 1 and 99

 dbt          default boot, values: off, profile, floppy, cdrom, usb

 dprf         use default profile value between 1 and 16

 stf          starfield, values: on or off

 zan          windows zoom animation, values: on or off

 fnt          set font, values: bt or bios

 usb1         force usb 1.1
              values:   off
                        1 = Mode 1 = skip ehci
                        2 = Mode 2 = force ehci to companion

 usbmdev      use usb massdev 1-99 (obsolete)

 int19h       do not boot the os and use int19h, values: on or off

 hotkey       startup hotkey, values: yes or no

 prf          set profile, value: 1-16

 prfname      set profilename 16 chars, 'prf' must be set

 btdrv        boot drive, 80h-89h, 'prf' must be set

 btprt        boot partition 1-4, 'prf' must be set

 btlog        boot log partition, 1-4, 'prf' must be set

 skippcmcia   skip pcmcia check, values: yes or no

 fastpcmcia   skip pcmcia check after usb card was found, values: yes or no

 ignoreusbdev ignore number of usb devices 0-99

 showextended show extended partitions in the main menu, values: yes or no
 hiddenusb    automatic usb boot without showing the boot manager
 hiddencdrom  automatic cdrom boot without showing the boot manager

Infos about int19h see here.
The hotkey option is useful with CD's or ROM's. You get the info to press CTRL-A to start the boot manager. If you don't press it, the booting continues without the boot manager.


Print current settings:

plpcfgbt plpbt.bin

Configure hidden boot and boot the usb drive:

plpcfgbt stm=hidden cnt=on cntval=1 dbt=usb plpbt.bin
plpcfgbt hiddenusb plpbt.bin

Create your own ISO file with your modified plpbt.bin
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plpbt.bin parameters

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