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Plop Boot Manager 5.0 - Overview of install/start modes

Hard disk installation The boot manager will be installed as primary boot manager to your hard disk. No extra partition and required. The boot manager will be in the first sectors of your hard disk before the first partition begins. The boot manager starts even when no operating system exists.
Start from external media
USB drive
It's not required to install the boot manager to your hard disk. You can start it from those media and use the boot manager with some limitations.
Start from other boot managers
Windows boot.ini
Windows BCD
You can still use your preferred boot manager and additionally use features from the Plop Boot Manager (like boot the usb drive,...).

The boot manager can run in hidden mode, so you have for example an entry in your preferred boot manager to boot the usb drive and when you use this entry then it starts immediately without any additional menu. This can be useful for the usb boot function.
Start from network With help of pxelinux it's possible to start the boot manager from the network.
Start from your bios as option rom You can store the boot manager as option rom in your bios. There is no need for any hard disk or anything else to start the boot manager. It can be used as PNP part of your bios or the boot manager can hook the INT19 to take control as first boot device.

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