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The New Boot Manager

This page is just temporary. The URL will change in the future. The new boot manager will be different to the Plop Boot Manager series. It became an own product. The name is not defined now.

Money donations are welcome. Used for books, required hardware, motivation and food :)


New development start is April 2017.


My desk. Developing a driver at night.

During rewriting the USB drivers, I found some bugs in the old code. The chances are good, that I release a 5.1 version of the old 5.0.15 boot manager with fixed USB drivers. But who knows...


No news, no time to update this page. Coding has been stop at beginning of 05/2016. Maybe I find time in august 2016.


Continue coding :)


Coding paused because of other work.


I created a concept art of the GUI. The final product will look different, but this could be a nice design. No line of code has been written for the GUI, booting has priority ;) A release date is far far away.

There will be also a hidden mode and a simple text mode interface like in the current Plop Boot Manager.


Work in progress...

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