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Table of Contents

3.Recover your files
4.Additional features
5.Command line parameters
6.List found files
7.CSV export of file list
8.Restore one file
9.Restore files with a list
10.Find the HFS+ Volume Header or Alternate Volume Header and the partition start offset
11.Extract the HFS+ Volume Header
12.Find the Extents Overflow File
13.Extract the Extents Overflow File
14.Remove empty directories
15.Find bytes from a file and/or an Unicode string
16.Files & Logs of hfsprescue
17.The 'restored' directory
18.Problems / FAQ
19.Restored files are invalid/defect! Why?
20.Partition table damaged, lost or not usable! How do I find the correct partition offset?
21.How do I find the correct partition offset with a reference file
22.Unusual block size
23.Extents Overflow File problems
24.Permission denied
25.sudo: hfsprescue: command not found
26.Precompiled - FATAL: kernel too old
27.File name accent troubles
28.Asian file names
29.Mac OS X notes
30.Personal notes

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Latest version: 3.6, 07/Apr/2023

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