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Plop HumanPad

It is July 2017. After 9 years, I am building a new HumanPad. Using two Teensy 3.6.

The new HumanPad can act as USB host to attach a secondary gamepad/controller. This can be used for example to support a player. But much more is possible.

Everything worked well. My programs and the circuit worked well. The result of the 3D print is what I designed. But unfortunately, I destroyed the new HumanPad by carelessness with a software mistake. After being angry about myself it's time build a new one. I have a second circuit board, so I can start again with soldering. New Teensys are ordered. I think, the old ones are dead :(

Update: The Teensys are still alive. The short circuit did not destroy them. Excellent hardware. The Humanpad works fine.

The board

Circuit (Sprint-Layout)

Stick shell - 3D print design (Blender)


Arms / Hands - 3D design for 3D print

Arms / Hands - Parts - 3D prints, Poti P0915N-FC20 B-10 KR

Arms / Hands - Final

Old information (2008)

The HumanPad is a gamepad, developed by Elmar Hanlhofer. The special design makes it easier for pysically challenged people (without "finger function" ex. tetra plegic) to play with a gamepad/controller/joystick. The main problem with common gamepads is to use the analog triggers (with the forefingers) and the buttons or sticks (with the thumb) at the same time. The solution is to use the triggers with the wrist. It should be easy to modify the HumanPad to help people with other handicaps too.


HumanPad v0.2 in action (2005)


Plop HumanPad v0.6 - with parts from a 3D printer



Plop HumanPad v0.5




Plop HumanPad v0.4


Plop HumanPad v0.3


Plop HumanPad v0.2



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