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pimgrestore is a program to restore image files created by Partimage. With pimgrestore its possible to restore an image file under Windows. You can run pimgrestore under Linux too. You can run a script or program between multivolumes.

If you have questions, simply contact me.

Use it at your own risk!

How to use under Windows


  • Restore partition under Windows and Linux
  • Restore partition into a file (under Linux you can mount it as loop device)
  • Multivolumes
  • Run a command between multivolume restore, ex. to eject cd and print a message for cd change
  • Gzip compression
  • Extract mbr's from image file


The current version 0.4 is a test version with some limitations.

  • CRC checks are only partial included. You have to be sure that your image is ok
  • Bzip2 compressed images are not supported under windows.
  • Bzip2 compressed multivolumes are not supported under windows and linux.

How to use under Windows

Download pimgrestore.exe.

You have to create a partition and assign a drive letter. We use for this example S. Formatting this partition is not required.

We want to restore the image testimage.000 to the drive letter S:. Be careful. This can destroy your data!

Run from the commandline pimgrestore testimage.000 \\.\S:

Update the partition type ID with plppart32.

You can see an example how to use pimgrestore with the Flybuntu installation in the setup.bat (flybuntuinstall.zip 0.2MB).


0.4     2020/03/20 Just a dirty fix after 12 years.
        Gzip fix to compile the program.
        EOF workaround for Gzip.
        typdef updates.
        Uninitialized CRC fixed.
        Progress print update.
0.3	added export of mbr's from image file

0.2	gzip support added
	multivolume support added
	partial bzip support added for linux version
	crc char check fixed
	parameter input added
	-i image info
	-z fill empty sectors with zeros
	-img create file for loop device
	-c run command between multivolumes
0.1	initital release


pimgrestore-0.4, 2020-03-20
pimgrestore-0.4.tar.gz 62.47 KB, 63972 bytes Source code

pimgrestore-0.3, 2008-07-21
pimgrestore-0.3.tgz 63.29 KB, 64810 bytes Source code
pimgrestore-0.3.zip 64.42 KB, 65963 bytes Source code
pimgrestore-0.3.exe 87.12 KB, 89209 bytes win32

pimgrestore-0.2, 2008-07-02
pimgrestore-0.2.tgz 61.89 KB, 63380 bytes Source code
pimgrestore-0.2.zip 63.74 KB, 65265 bytes Source code
pimgrestore-0.2.exe 86.62 KB, 88697 bytes win32

pimgrestore-0.1, 2008-06-21
pimgrestore-0.1.tgz 20.93 KB, 21429 bytes Source code
pimgrestore-0.1.zip 22.91 KB, 23459 bytes Source code
pimgrestore-0.1.exe 20.78 KB, 21277 bytes win32

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