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Projects / Plans

This is an overview of projects I am working on and some plans/ideas I want to realize. Don't forget, there is no guarantee that I realize and publish these projects. Beside, I am working on other projects too.


Project: Armored Eye

Status: Development paused

Description: A game and a short movie

Genre: Cyberpunk

Artwork / Wallpapers
Click at the image for a high resolution

, 3840x2160

, 3840x2160

, 3840x2160


- Without Kira


Movie trailer
Here is a test. 2 low quality trailers of the movie

Project: Plop Linux 4.3.4

Status: Planed release winter 2017.

Project: ehBoot or Plop Boot Manager 6

Status: See here

The new boot manager will be written from scratch. Planed features are

  • Full USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 support (thumbs, hard disks, floppys, optical drives, keyboards, hubs, maybe mouse)
  • PC-Card (PCMCIA) flash disk support
  • PCI Express support
  • VHD support
  • (U)EFI support
  • GPT support
  • Simple text mode, enhanced text mode, gfx mode
  • Support various file systems (FAT12-32, Ext2/3/4, limited NTFS, limited HFS+)
  • Native Linux Kernel boot
  • Native AHCI support
  • Modular
  • Simple shell

Project: NUS-AD

Status: Development paused

Type: Jump'n Run

Platform: Android / iOS

Other ideas

I have many more ideas, but I have to finish the others first.

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