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Build Live Release

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Create hard disk images (x86 and ARM)

Build Desktop Release

The scripts are short and easy to understand. The most important functions and workflows are described here.

Plop Linux Release Tools

Download the ploplinux-src-24.2.tar.gz archive.


desktop/arm-boot/        <- Boot files for ARM
desktop/hd-images/       <- Create the hard disk images
desktop/release/         <- Create the compressed files for the desktop version


Directories and scripts

arm/                   <- ARM Plop Linux files
arm-diff/              <- Different files for ARM
etc/                   <- Default etc files
root/                  <- Default root user directory
var/                   <- Default var files
00_all.sh              <- Run all x86 scripts
00_arm-all.sh          <- Run all ARM scripts
10_arm-copy-files      <- Use arm/ directory
10_copy-files-all      <- Use / directory
20_prepare             <- Plop Linux Desktop default modifications
30_arm-compress        <- Create tar.gz for ARM
30_compress            <- Create tar.gz for x86

arm/: Copy the ARM Plop Linux Files to this directory.

arm-diff/: This is the place for ARM files that differe from the x86 version.

etc/: Default files like password files that can differ from your working Linux.

root/: Default root user directory.

var/: var files that differ from your working Linux.

00_all.sh: This script runs the scripts for a x86 release 10-copy-files-all, 20-prepare, 30-compress.

00_arm-all.sh: This script runs the scripts for the ARM release 10-arm-copy-files, 20-prepare, 30-arm-compress.

10_arm-copy-files: This script copies the ARM files from arm/ to ploplinux-desktop/ for further processing.

10_copy-files-all: This script copies the files from / to the ploplinux-desktop/ for further processing.

20_prepare: Prepare ploplinux-desktop/ for release

30_arm-compress: Rename ploplinux-desktop/ to the ARM release directory and compress to tar.gz.

30_compress: Rename ploplinux-desktop/ to the x86 release directory depending on the current arch version and compress to tar.gz.

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Build Live Release

Table of Contents

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Create hard disk images (x86 and ARM)

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