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Build Desktop Release

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Optional: Install systemd

Create hard disk images (x86 and ARM)

Plop Linux Release Tools

Download the ploplinux-src-24.2.tar.gz archive.


hd-images/           <- Create the hard disk images

You find the scripts to create hard disk images in the hd-images/ directory.

Create the image

Run sh 10_create-img to create the image file. The image size can be set in the 10_create-img script. It's set to 10 GB. The script creates one linux partition in the image file.

The partition of the image file will be mounted to the ./mnt/ directory.

Copy/Extract the Plop Linux files to the ./mnt/ directory.

  • x86 32-bit: ploplinux-desktop-24.2-i486.tar.gz
  • x86 64-bit: ploplinux-desktop-24.2-x86_64.tar.gz
  • ARM: ploplinux-desktop-24.2-arm.tar.gz

For a x86 image: Run 20_x86_lilo.conf to replace the lilo.conf on the image to boot from IDE. Needed to make the image bootable.

Run 90_umount to unmount the image file.

Make the x86 image bootable

Use QEMU and plopkexec to make the image bootable.

Boot the image with qemu -hda ploplinux.img -kernel plopkexec

Make the MBR bootable lilo -M /dev/hda

Install LILO with the command lilo

Shutdown the virtual machine init 0


Test the x86 image

Boot the hard disk image with qemu -hda ploplinux.img -m 512

Note: -m 512 is used to allocate 512 MB RAM for the virtual machine. You can allocate more. Example: -m 1024.

Test the ARM image

See here.

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Build Desktop Release

Table of Contents

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Optional: Install systemd

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