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Login Manager - LXDM


The global configuration directories are in /etc and for X related programs in /opt/etc. You find log files in /var/log and for X related programs in /opt/var/log.

A view useful configurations

• Root password

The root password is ploplinux. Change it with the command passwd.

• Setup network

Find the network setup in the /etc/rc.local file. dhclient is for a DHCP assigned ip address. Use ifconfig and route for a static address.

• Start programs during boot up

You can start programs (ex. daemons) with the runlevel control in /etc/rc.d. A quick and easy way is to add the program to the /etc/rc.local file.

• Stopping programs on shutdown

Use the file /etc/rc.local-stop

• Firewall

Use iptables to setup firewall rules. You have to write a custom script and run it from /etc/rc.local to activate your firewall rules during boot. See also the firewall section of Server configuration.

• Add a user

adduser <username>

• Disable auto login, tty1

Remove in the file /etc/inittab on the line 19 the -a root

• Enable auto login, tty1

Add in the file /etc/inittab on the line 19 - 24 the parameter -a and the user name. Example for a user called ted -a ted

# This enables auto login on tty1
1:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty --noclear tty1 9600 -a ted

# This enables auto login on tty2
2:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty tty2 9600 -a ted

• Start Xfce or Fluxbox

Run the command startx

• Enable auto start X, runlevel 3

In your home directory, rename the file .zlogin.autostartX to .zlogin. This script starts the graphical desktop when the user does a login at tty1.

• Enable login with Login Manager, runlevel 5

Change the default runlevel in the file /etc/inittab on the line 3 from id:3:initdefault:
To id:5:initdefault:

Also disable the autologin on tty1. See "Disable auto login, tty1".

• Switch between Xfce and Fluxbox

In your home directory, the script xfce4 is used to start Xfce and the script fluxbox is used to start Fluxbox. Those scripts are called from the .xinit script. To start Fluxbox, change in the file .xinitrc the line with '. ~/xfce4' to '. ~/fluxbox'.

• Enable VNC Server auto start

Rename the file vncserver.sample to vncserver in your home directory. The vncserver script starts the VNC Server x11vnc and is called by the scripts xfce4 and fluxbox.

• Generate new ssh key

Run the command sshkeygen.sh

• Disable console monitor blank

setterm -blank 0

• Auto configuration for Xorg

Run Xorg -configure

This command detects the needed graphic card driver and creates the file xorg.conf.new in your home directory. Copy this file to /opt/etc/X11/xorg.conf to use it.

• List possible resolutions

When X is running use the command xrandr

• Get the modeline settings for a screen resolution

Use the command gtf

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Install software

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Login Manager - LXDM

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