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DLNA - Minidlna, Universal Media Server

Install Minidlna

You find the Minidlna source code and build script in the 99-optional/minildna/ directory or download the package minidlna.tar.gz.

Just run 'sh 000_all' to install Minidlna.

The configuration file is '/etc/minidlna.conf'.

Start Minidlna: minidlnad

Update file database: minidlnad -r

Install the Universal Media Server

Note: You need Java to run the Universal Media Server.
Note: When you already installed the Universal Media Server on Plop Linux, then remove the old '/opt/ums' directory.

1. Download the Universal Media Server for Linux from http://www.universalmediaserver.com/.

2. Extract the Archive. Example: tar xfvz UMS-6.5.1-Java7.tgz

3. Move the extracted files to '/opt/ums'. Example: mv ums-6.5.1 /opt/ums

4. Create a symlink to the executable with 'ln -sf ../ums/UMS.sh /opt/bin/ums'.

5. Now you can start the Universal Media Server with 'ums'.

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