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DOSBox and VisualBoy Advance - M


You find the DOSBox source code and build script in the 99-optional/dosbox/ directory or download the package dosbox.tar.gz. The current version for Plop Linux is 0.74. To download newer a version go to http://www.dosbox.com/.

Just run 'sh 000_all' to install DOSBox.

You start DOSBox with the command 'dosbox'.

VisualBoy Advance - M (VBAM)

You have to build the VisualBoy Advance - M by yourself. Download visual-boy-advance-m.tar.gz and extract it.

Enter the extracted directory and run 'sh 001_download' to download the source code and the required libraries OpenAL and SFML.

Run 'sh 000_all' to build and install the libraries and VisualBoy Advance - M.

You start VisualBoy Advance - M with the command 'vbam'.

Left Left Arrow (0114)
Right Right Arrow (0113)
Up Up Arrow (0111)
Down Down Arrow (0112)
A Z (007a)
B X (0078)
L A (0061)
R S (0073)
Start Enter (000d)
Select Backspace (0008)
Speed up Space (0020)
Capture F12 (0125)

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