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DOSBox and VisualBoy Advance - M


You find the DOSBox source code and build script in the 99-optional/dosbox/ directory or download the package dosbox.tar.gz. The current version for Plop Linux is 0.74. To download newer a version go to http://www.dosbox.com/.

Just run 'sh 000_all' to install DOSBox.

You start DOSBox with the command 'dosbox'.

VisualBoy Advance - M (VBAM)

You find the VisualBoy Advance - M build script in the 99-optional/visualboy-advance-m/ directory. To download VisualBoy Advance - M go to http://vba-m.com/.

Copy the source code file to the '000_src/' directory and run 'sh 010_b_vba-m' to install VisualBoy Advance - M. Maybe, you have to edit 'sh 010_b_vba-m' and change the source code file name and the directory name.

You start VBAM with the command 'vbam'.

Left Left Arrow (0114)
Right Right Arrow (0113)
Up Up Arrow (0111)
Down Down Arrow (0112)
A Z (007a)
B X (0078)
L A (0061)
R S (0073)
Start Enter (000d)
Select Backspace (0008)
Speed up Space (0020)
Capture F12 (0125)

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