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Current version: 4.3.8, 20/Sep/2018

Plop Linux License, Changelog, Package Changelog, program packages, md5sum

Edition 32-bit, i486 64-bit, x86_64 32-bit, armv6l
Desktop tar.gz tar.gz tar.gz 2.28 GB, extract to install
Hard disk image img.gz img.gz img.gz 2.30 GB, uncompressed size 10 GB
ARM kernel, boot files     tar.gz 206.95 MB, Banana Pi, Cubietruck, Qemu, Raspberry Pi/2/3, Odroid XU4

Source codes, release tools

Web directory Source Codes  
Source code files, compile scripts ploplinux-src-4.3.8.tar.gz 5.50 GB
Release tools and scripts ploplinux-release-4.3.8.tar.gz 4.27 GB

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