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Differences i486, x86_64, ARM


Plop Linux is for advanced Linux users. The install documentation does not describe every step with commands. When it's too difficult for people then I will update this page with more details.

Description for x86

Boot a Linux of your choice (from CD, USB, hard disk, network).

Download ploplinux-desktop-4.3.2-i486.tar.gz for 32-bit or ploplinux-desktop-4.3.2-x86_64.tar.gz for 64-bit.

Create a partition for Plop Linux. Don't forget to set the active flag when you want to boot from the Plop Linux partition.

Create an Ext3 file system on the Plop Linux partition.

Mount the Plop Linux partition.

Extract the Plop Linux archive on the Plop Linux partition.

On the Plop Linux partition, move the system files from the ploplinux-desktop-4.3.2 directory up that they became the root directories on the Plop Linux partition.

Remove the empty ploplinux-desktop-4.3.2 directory.

Edit etc/fstab to your system setup.

Edit etc/lilo.conf and setup the correct partition entries.

Copy the /dev directory to the root of the Plop Linux partition.

Install LILO to make Plop Linux bootable. Example: lilo -r /mnt

When you have a fresh hard disk then make the MBR bootable. Example: lilo -M /dev/sda

Reboot and start Plop Linux. Continue with the personalisation of your fresh system. See Configurations.


In the ARM area are instructions for Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi and the Cubietruck.

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Differences i486, x86_64, ARM

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