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SSH X11Forwarding

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Teensy Loader CLI/GUI

You need the Teensy Loader to flash the Teensy. You can either use the GUI Version ot the CLI (command line interface) version. You also should set the udev rules for the Teensy. The official website is here.

I prefer the CLI version.

udev rules

Download the udev rules file from the official website: 49-teensy.rules

Copy the file into the '/etc/udev/rules.d' directory.

Start 'udevadm trigger' to reload the rules.

Teensy Loader GUI

Just download the precompiled program from the here.

Extract it and copy the binary to '/usr/bin'.

Teensy Loader CLI

You have to compile libusb 0.1 (not libusb 1.0!), before you compile teensy_loader_cli.

Download libusb 0.1 from Sourceforge: libusb-0.1.12.tar.gz

Extract it, change into 'libusb-0.1.12' and run 'myconfigure' (or './configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install') to compile and install it.

Download the source code teensy_loader_cli-2.1.tar.gz and extract it.

Change into 'teensy_loader_cli-2.1' and run 'make && cp -a teensy_loader_cli /usr/bin' to compile and install it.

Teensy 3.2 flash example: teensy_loader_cli -mmcu=mk20dx256 -v -w myprogram.hex

See also the offical website.

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SSH X11Forwarding

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