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Current version: 4.3.3, 11/Apr/2017

Plop Linux License, Changelog, Package Changelog, program packages, md5sum

ARM, armv6l, 32-bit

Extract/Install ploplinux-desktop-4.3.3-arm.tar.gz 1.30 GB
Hard disk image ploplinux-4.3.3-arm.img.gz 1.33 GB, uncompressed 10 GB
Kernel, boot files arm-boot.tar.gz 114.26 MB, Banana Pi, Cubietruck, Qemu, Raspberry Pi/2/3

Source codes, release tools

Web directory Source Codes  
Source code files, compile scripts ploplinux-src-4.3.3.tar.gz 4.15 GB
Release tools and scripts ploplinux-release-4.3.3.tar.gz 3.49 GB

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Download Build Tools, Sources

Table of Contents

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