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Unreal Editor - Unreal Game Engine

Late April 2020 I started to work with the Unreal Editor, of course running on Plop Linux. I planed to create a simple game to see how it works and looking forward for other game ideas. The Unreal Editor is a powerful complex tool. Beginning was hard, but it paid off.

The game is in an early development state. I am working alone, so it will take much time until the game is ready for a release. Here are some screenshots from the game. I use models like vegetation from various market places, but I also create important models by myself. I create the models and the levels with Blender. I wrote some Python scripts to transfer data from the Unreal Editor to Blender and back. With my scripts I am able to place the models in Blender and generate the level in Unreal. The generated level use the models that are already imported and configured in Unreal.

Some gameplay images


Local split screen

Character creating with Blender

Note: The models are currently not optimized or textured.


Creating specific level components with Blender


Level design with Blender


Unreal Editor


Dynamic changing camera mode in the game

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