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  Name pimgrestore  
  DescriptionRestore partition, see here. 
  File pimgrestore.exe  
  OS Windows 
  Filesize 89209 Bytes 
  Name plppart32  
  DescriptionCreate/Modify/Delete partitions from the commandline.
Backup/Restore the Master Boot Record
  File plppart32.exe  
  OS Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/VISTA 
  Filesize 29958 Bytes 
Help output:
PLPPART32 v0.1  20070403  by Elmar Hanlhofer  http://www.plop.at

Create/Modify/Delete primary partitions from the commandline
Save/Restore the Master Boot Record (MBR) from the commandline

 -h                Print help.
 -i                Print drive info and partiton table.
 -d [val]          Drive number (0=first harddisk).
 -p [val]          Select partition, values 1 to 4 allowed.
 -id [val]         Set partition type.
 -b [val]          Set partition boot flag. 0=no bootflag, 0x80=set bootflag
 -ss [val]         Set partition start sector.
 -sh [val]         Set partition start head.
 -sc [val]         Set partition start cylinder.
 -es [val]         Set partition end sector.
 -eh [val]         Set partition end head.
 -ec [val]         Set partition end cylinder.
 -lbastart [val]   Set partition LBA start sector.
 -lbasectors [val] Set partition LBA sectors.
 -fileout [file]   Write MBR to file.
 -filein [file]    Write new MBR from file.

Output Table:
 NR        Partition number
 ID        Partition id
 BOOT      Bootflag * with harddisk number [], usually 0x80
 SS        Startsector
 SH        Starthead
 SC        Startcylinder
 ES        Endsector
 EH        Endhead
 EC        Endcylinder
 LBAST     LBA start sector
 LBASEC    size in sectors
 SIZE      calculated size

Examples with first harddisk:
 Display partition table:         plppart32 -d 0 -i
 Backup MBR:                      plppart32 -d 0 -fileout mbr.bak
 Set bootflag for 2nd partition:  plppart32 -d 0 -p 2 -b 0x80

!!!! Make a backup of you MBR (-fileout), before you edit your partition table.
!!!! Do NOT save the backup on the harddisk you are changing. 

© 2021 by Elmar Hanlhofer